The Myth of the Hymen: A Social And Medical Mystery

10 Aug

The Thought Erotic

by Fei Cai

Hymen. Maidenhead. Cherry.

For something that people do not seem to know much about, it definitely has a lot of names.

I am not sure when I first heard about the hymen. Like many growing up, I thought it would hurt to tear it, and that it was some kind of physical sign that a woman had lost her virginity. I was convinced that the first time I had sex, there would be bleeding and pain, which of course, added to the already huge amount of anxiety I had about having sex for the first time.

Many years later, in medical school, I forgot for a while the anxieties of hymens and virginity—after all, I was going to become an obstetric-gynecologist, and I knew all there was to know about sex and the female reproductive system, right? And strangely, it was not until I learned about what…

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Hello to the blogosphere!

25 Feb

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on wordpress, and this is also my first personal blog. I hope you enjoy it, as I will be updating it with my experiences.

Until then, stay beautiful!